Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unseen stitches

This is the back of one of my bead embroidered pieces.  What a mess!  Looking at this you might never realize there could be something worthwhile, and perhaps even beautiful, on the other side.  This is kind of how I feel about people.  Sometimes people confuse me.  The unseen stitches that combine to form any specific person is a vast network of interconnected and complicated parts.  Whenever I encounter someone who is excessively aggressive, selfish or just plain mean, I try to remember there are unseen forces that shape a life.  Maybe part of them was stitched together by an abusive parent.  Perhaps they have experienced a tremendous loss, such as the loss of a child.  They or a loved one might be facing a serious illness.  I'm not excusing all bad behavior, because I am a believer in personal responsibility.  However, it's good to be aware not all people were stitched together the same way. 

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