Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Country Blog Hop

Nan Smith of Wired Nan is hosting a challenge to make a piece of jewelry that reflects national pride.  Originally I thought I would do something related to the USA.  However, I think the USA will be adequately represented. Therefore, I wanted to choose a different country.  I am a relentless fan of the underdog.  Therefore, after a little bit of research I picked Pitcairn.

Pitcairn?  Where is that?  Well, it's an interesting story.  I searched for the country with the smallest population on earth and found Pitcairn.  It is actually a group of islands that is a British Overseas Territory.  There is a population of around 50.  Yes I said 50.  The population lives on Pitcairn island, a small volcanic outcrop which is approximately 2 miles long and 1 mile wide in the South Pacific.  It is one of the remotest inhabited islands on earth, halfway between New Zealand and the Americas. 

The people of Pitcairn are descendants from the mutineers of the HMS Bounty and Tahitians.  For those of you that don't know about the Bounty mutiny I will recap briefly.  In 1798 after departing Tahiti with over 1,000 breadfruit plants some of the HMS Bounty crew mutinied.  To elude future capture by the British Royal Navy, 9 Bounty crew, 6 Tahitian men and 19 Tahitian women set sail eventually landing in January of 1790 at Pitcairn island.  According to a journal kept by one of the mutineers all but 3 of the women were basically kidnapped.  It was not until 18 years later (1808) that the island was actually visited by another ship.  It was recorded that only 1 mutineer, 9 women and several children still lived.  Wow.

Flag of Pitcairn

There is an interesting website for the Government of the Pitcairn Islands, if you have some time you might want to take a look:

Okay, on to what I made.  Originally I intended to make two pieces, one to represent the mutineers of the Bounty and the other to represent the Tahitians.  However, I went on vacation and only managed one piece.  I still have to finish the edge, but here it is:

I had the perfect little sailboat charm that said "pick me".  

I also unearthed Poseidon from my stash.  He was a button.  

I'm glad you made it to my little corner of the internet.  A HUGE thank you to Nan for being our delightful hostess!  I can't wait to see what she has made, along with all the other participants.  Here is the list:

Nan Smith (host):   Canada

Dini Bruinsma:   The Netherlands

Stephanie Weiss :   USA

Ana Cravidao (ACBeads) :   Portugal

Liz E   USA  <~~~~ you are here

Vera:   Germany (USA)

Andra :   Romania

Delilah:   Romania

Jessica Murray:   USA


Rebecca :    France (USA)

LiliKrist:   Indonesia

N Vakentine Studio :   Canada

Karin:   Calgary, Canada

Diah Anggreni :    Indonesia

Karen :   Australia

Cath Thomas :   Switzerland

Asri Wahyuningsih :   USA

Crysalis Jewelry Design   Denmark ( Canada)

Jasvanti Patel:   USA

Lola:   USA

Beccy Peterson    Sweden (USA)

Paula Hisel : USA

Inge von Roos:  Germany

Laurie Vyselaar: USA

Toltec Jewels: USA

Anindita Basu:  USA


  1. Liz, as always, your pieces are fantastic.
    You amaze me with your creativity.
    Love your Island.
    I love sailboats.

  2. love your work very much... it is soooo beautifully captured the loveliness of the ocean.... it is amazing and you also good in putting the boat as the eye cacther

  3. I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YA....I can't wait to retire....and set up on the earth...and that little itty bitty island....almost paradise....Great work. I love the story and your piece! Keep up the great work. Vera

  4. Hi, Liz! This is a very interesting post. I love your embroidery - everything is gorgeous - the colours, the shapes, the elements you've chosen. Have a nice weekend. Ana

  5. Very interesting choice of locations and I love the embroidered piece you made to represent it!!

  6. I love the country you chose! Pitcairn :) Your bead embroidery is wonderful, perfect for the country. The little ship is completely perfect in there! So sweet. And Poseidon is a must, watching over the mutineers of the Bounty.

    I am delighted to know about the smallest country on earth. And LOVE your work. Completely gorgeous! Tropical and exquisite, a beautiful representation of Pitcairn!

    Love & Happy Hopping,

  7. Oooohhh...
    I love the story of the country you wrote. I never heard it,so it's new information for me. And the way you interpretate the country to your piece, is so unique and full of art.

  8. Such an interesting post. I like your choice of country and I think your beautiful bead embroidery sums up the story of the mutineers nicely.

  9. Interesting post. I had heard about this island years ago. They had one of the early web pages and sold crafts, I believe.
    I love your piece. How did you make it. I like the color combinations.


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