Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello and Welcome!
Shel at MiShel Designs had a great idea for a blog hop.  Pearls.  Yummy pearls.  Sometimes I think I do these hops just so I can put pictures of good looking men on my blog, but not this time.  Ha!  It just so happens I had placed an impulse order with Fire Mountain Gems right before I learned about the hop.  I have trouble resisting some of their "blowout" sales, and along with a few other treasures I found these freshwater pearls.

They ranged from $0.79 to $2.15 a strand.  I felt like this was a bargain.  True they are all grade "D" but I don't need expensive pearls for my bead embroidery. And if Pierce Brosnan is going to rip them off my neck, well then I can just leave them on the floor.

First I made a pendant.  The starfish came from Znet.  The antique bronze pearls from Fire Mountain.

Then I did something which I rarely do, I made a necklace.  I've kind of gotten into blue lately, I find it very soothing.  Blue rice and white potato pearls from Fire Mountain.


I'm glad you came to visit my little corner of the blogosphere.   
A SUPER HUGE thank you to beautiful Shel for putting this together!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous pearl creations.  Here is the list of the participants:
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  1. Hi Liz,
    Your pieces are beautiful! I really like the blue necklace, I am not that big into blue but your necklace appeals to me.

  2. Um,...confession time. I'd let Pierce Brosnan rip any of my pearls off my neck, especially if he used his teeth!! LOL!! (Love that you posted that - it's awesome!) Your designs are both just fabulous! I am always amazed at what everyone who does bead embroidery and uses seed beads can do with those tiny little rascals - blows me away. Your blue necklace is just stunning - I love blue - and I bet it feels very nice to wear, too. Thanks for joining in the hop, I'm so very glad you did and I hope you had a fun with this!!

  3. Can I admit that I'm old enough to remember that scene! Thanks for the laugh! I particularly love how you used the soft golden pearls to accent your focal bead work. So admire those with the patience and skill for seed bead embroidery.


  4. Liz, I remember that scene, too! Kudos to you for posting pictures of good-looking men, as well as beautiful seed bead designs! Those little things scare me, but I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who work with them, and you do it so beautifully! Love the pendant as well as the necklace, that blue piece you could wear anywhere with anything (and maybe they would stay on your neck, lol)! Gina H

  5. Beautiful pearl jewelry. I really do like that pendant. -And love that shot which looks like to me a river of pearls, can't help thinking of it as mixed media wall art ;)

    Enjoy the hop!

  6. Love your opening...I agree with Shel...Pierce Brosnan could do that to me anytime! Beautiful designs they are all wonderful!

  7. beautiful pieces, and lovely seed beading! is that Cellini that you just 'whipped up'? nice!

  8. He can start with ripping my pearls off then rip my.....I am digressing already. The Pearls, it is about the pearls.
    Your embroidered pendant is fantastic~the colors are wonderful and the underside of the starfish with its depth is great. I see this and I almost want to try a bit of embroidery.
    The necklace is gorgeous! The blues and whites look like waves out on the water. Your weaving is beautiful~what a time consuming stitch! I like the added pearls (nice blues ;-) ) and how the white ones are up and down. Great eye candy everywhere I look on this page, Liz!

  9. Hi Liz,
    I love the embroidery necklace a lot!!
    I am always drooling at the pearls at Fire Mountain, you got a good bargain. What kind of material do you for your foundation?
    Love your work as always.

  10. It was so fun reading your blog entry! We seem to share a common opinion--that the pearls don't have to be expensive and the very best quality to have fun with them and make something lovely! You've obviously made two extremely beautiful pieces with your great finds! Both of these are so impressive!

  11. Wow, that's all I can say. I love the designs, really makes the creative juices run! Great job. Thanks for Sharing!

  12. I love your pearl creations - and especially that you made the beautiful starfish pendant using pearls from Fire Mountain Gems. I used to be very snobbish about all my supplies thinking they all had to be 'A' grade to look great. It's so not true and your gorgeous work here proves that. Your necklace is fabulous too - what is the beaded rope stitch on the ends of the blue pearl necklace. I've got to learn how to do that! Can it be used to make tube beads?


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