Friday, December 6, 2013


It's December.  Christmas is just around the corner.  I love the spirit of Christmas, but I hate the unruly materialistic monster it has become.  A few years back I discovered a movement called Buy Nothing Christmas.  I won't bother proselytizing about over consumption, but if you feel like Christmas has lost some of its charm, you may want to consider checking out Buy Nothing Christmas.  I know some people will be thinking how sad it must be for my family and friends that I'm not buying them over-packaged crap they probably don't need.  Well, I still do buy some gifts.  I make some gifts.  And I also choose to do this in moderation. 


  1. Right on! this time of year does get pretty crazy on the 'crap' front. We do, of course, get gifts for the kids. But we discuss with them what they actually need and they are part of deciding - limiting it to a few items. For us it is more about spending time together as a family.

  2. This is a good reminder. We do buy for the kids but the past few years we donate to the cause of our choice in honor of the rest of the family. I am cruising through this list to see all the great ideas.


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