Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello.  Glad you could make it to my little corner.  I'm very excited to see what all the inspiring ATTS-4 ladies made!  An ENORMOUS thank you to Christine and Therese for organizing our fun today.

Bead Bomb
I kind of had an idea I wanted to do something "out there".  I mean who knows if an idea is stupid unless you try it, right?  Wandering around the internet I found "yarn bombing".  It's a type of non-permanent street art/graffiti where knitted or crocheted yarn is used to adorn every day objects.  Some people might think this is silly.  I think it challenges us to look again,  to perhaps turns something mundane into something extraordinary. 

Netting clicked immediately as the perfect stitch to cover a large area and with #6 seed beads my plan went into action.  However, my idea is not yet complete.  It's been icky outside, windy and rainy, so I improvised and used a piece of firewood tossed on the lawn to simulate my eventual tree bead bomb.  On a nice day in the near future I will find a suitable spot and "install" my creation, maybe in a public park somewhere!


I wanted to use a beautiful ceramic focal my son gave me for Christmas.  I loved the colors in it, and tried to match them in the Chenille rope:


I had one more piece that needed to come out, and it's by far my favorite one.  I used single row Chevron to make a lariat.  Ever since I saw some marvelous lariats made by Christine (see this link and this link ) I knew I needed to make at least one.  To me, the highlight of this lariat are the green fringe beads (sent to me by Christine from the Spool Hop).  Thank you again Christine, it is my very favorite green!

I won't be able to hop around and admire the many treasures until after work, I can't wait!
Here is the list:

Our beautiful hostesses:
Therese Frank 
Christine Altmiller

Amy Severino 
Janet Bocciardi
Cynthia Machata
Alicia Marinache
Paula Kramer  
Kim Hora        
Dee Alcade     
Degi (Kokopelli)
Maryanne Gross
Liz E                <~~~ you are here
Sally Russick   
Becky Pancake 
Katherine Gale 
Jasvanti Patel  
Karin Slaton      
Alenka Obid     
Sarah Sequins  
Tanya Goodwin
Debbie Rasmussen
Nelly May         
Veralynne Malone
Ana Cravidao     


  1. Wait, what!?!? You're going to install beadwork onto a public tree!!!? I'm positively SWOONING over this idea!!!! I love all your pieces. Everything came out beautiful. I love the colors on your chenille piece!

  2. Those are gorgeous. I love the chevron lariat. The stitch is just perfect for that. Your chenille rope is a perfect match for your pendant.

    I'm amazed at the "bombing." The flowers on the fence is such an intriguing idea and I can see how you were taken with it. I think the idea is great and can't wait to see your bead bombing finished.

  3. Beautiful pieces, love the focal and you matched the beads so perfectly. Bead bombing - brilliant!

  4. Aye Calypso~I would follow Pierre down...I really would!
    But there are things on this page that are even more beautiful, exotic, and intriguing than Pierre's eyes (and nose. and lips. and chin. and stubble.).

    The bead bomb~brilliant!!! I see the yarn bomb all around, but I love the idea of the beads, especially your netting for a few can see the tree bark underneath so it is not completely covered. And it won't get as waterlogged or dirty. When you install it, you have to show us!!! Very cool!
    Your chenille rope works perfectly with that beautiful focal (what a great shape to the focal...he chose well!). The blue and brown go so well together. And the lariat...well, I may be a bit partial but I just love that piece~your color choices and style. The single chevron really does lend itself nicely to the lariat. What a beauty! Thanks so much Liz!!!

  5. Oh how awesome!!!! Yes, bead bombing!! You're going to start something. We're going to need cave helmets and magnifiers to be able to get the work done in the middle of the night. I'm in!!

    Love both of your necklaces. I think that chenille rope is perfect for your new ceramic pendant. Your son must be proud!

  6. Love the bead bomb idea! I have seen the yarn bombing, and I love how it catches your attention. Love, love, love that chenille rope with that fabulous focal! I'm really blown away by the chevron. I've tried it several times, and am rather frustrated with it at the moment. Those green drop beads truly make this an outstanding necklace design!

  7. Liz I like the yarn bombing. Your pieces are all beautiful. The turquoise piece is my favorite. It is hard to go wrong with turquoise. I used the same green in one of my pieces.

  8. Hi Liz.
    Thank you for participating in mine and Christine's ATTS challenge. I love the idea of bead bombing and the net stitch is the perfect stitch to do this with I can not wait to see the tree you pick to adorn. You did an awesome job with the chenille stitch and matching the colors with the beautiful clay pendant you received from your son. The chevron stitch lariat is gorgeous I love it and I bet it wears well too. I hope that you will join us for ATTS 5.

  9. I don't know which is my favorite -- I truly adore the bead bombing idea, and love what you accomplished. Can't wait to see it in its final installation spot! And those necklaces are fantastic -- and how fun to be able to use beads from one Christine challenge in another Christine challenge.

  10. Liz, I love both of your designs and the idea of bombarding trees with beaded nets.

  11. How funny about your bead bombing - I think it's great idea! I am really smitten with the chenille rope and the focal from your son - very special!

  12. Liz, I can't pick which one I like the best, however I am a lariat lover so that one is my fave! Thank you for the inspiration...

  13. LOVE that bead bomb! we have the knitted ones here on trees .... but never thought to do it in beads - that is fantastic! And both your chenille and chevron are beautiful ... rich, deep colors and that rock! wow that rock! what a perfect focal!

  14. Oh, that yarn bomb flower garden would be perfect for our weather and winters!
    I love your net idea, and can't believe you had the patience for such a big piece :)
    Oooh, another lariat - I simply love them: in any form, colour, mix... I believe I was born about 100 years too late ;) And the rope with the ceramic piece: perfection!
    P.S. I think for such a workshop I might get over my fear of diving! Or maybe for Pierre, who knows?! All I know is that that way we'll please the whole family (as our son is born in the wrong species - he's more of a dolphin :) )

  15. Lovely idea, your bead bombing. In holland we call yarn bombing : WILD BREIEN translated: Wild knitting. In English I also heard the term knit graffity. When you google that, you get a lot of great examples. I think I prefer your nice beadwork on other material than living trees. Nature is nice enough, but you can always adorn street- or parkfurniture. I put a knitted "band" on the tubes in the ladies loo in my sons restaurant. You can find that in my blog

  16. Love that rope with the big blue bead! My favorite among your gorgeous pieces!

  17. What a lovely idea to bead bomb!!! Here in Slovenia some time ago there was also a kind of yarn bombing in Ljubljana and looked very interesting (I was not there, only saw some pictures online).
    All the pieces are beautiful, but my favorite is the chenille rope with the ceramic pendant.

  18. The beaded tree made me giggle. Very off-the-wall and beautiful. Bet it sparkles deliciously in the sun.
    Your favourite piece is mine too - the lariat is so delicate and leafy. I'm utterly in love with it.

  19. Lovely work! As a huge fan of turquoise (the colour) I LOVE that chenille rope and pendant....great stuff! Dying to see the bead-bombed tree when you get done LOL.


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