Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Fennell

Week 2 of the A-Z Challenge begins!

I occasionally go bike riding in a place where there is a large sculpture made out of old canoes.  I've admired it, and one day researched the artist.  His name is Christopher Fennell, he is an American sculptor.  He has degrees in both sculpture and engineering, using all that knowledge, along with recycled materials, he produces amazing assembled pieces.  Canoe Wave (below) is part of his wave series.

Lewiston, ID, 2010

My very favorite piece of his is Bicycle Tornado.

One hundred and sixty recycled bicycles welded together
14' x 14' x 20' Athens, Georgia 2001

Here is a bus stop shelter made out of old school buses!

West Broad and Alps Bus Stop
12'x7'x10' Athens, Georgia 2007

Images taken from with permission from the artist.


  1. Love how you incorporated the larger teardrop beads in with the seed beads in the Letter 'F', and how Fennell incorporated and repurposed canoes, bicycles and buses into sculptures. Great share of photos and information. Keep up the good work on your AtoZ Beading.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  2. This is some of the most creative art ~ very very Cool!!! That coral/seaweed F is pretty darn cool too.

  3. That bus shelter is brilliant!

  4. Interesting stuff. I liked the bus stop. You definitely know what it is. I've had a flick through the earlier posts. The pictures illustrating the Bernini entry really do make you wonder at his artistry. Please visit me again at

  5. oh that is seriously cool! loving that tornado and the bus stop - that is awesome!


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