Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zip, Zilch and Zero

Zero is what I have for you today in terms of new artists.  Honestly, there just are not many artists with names that begin with "Z".  I'm open to suggestions.

Even though there were times I viciously cursed this blog hop, I'm strangely sad now that it's over.  I am going to miss it.  I will do something with all those letters I beaded, just not right now.  When the time is right I'll get on it.

I have to mention a HUGE surprise.  This hop helped me re-connect with an old friend.  It's just a tad unfair because here I am blabbing away in cyberspace, bearing my bead-loving soul for all to see, and aside from some very nice words of encouragement he has been silent.  Not one to badger, I hope I will hear something about how the past 20 years have treated him (HINT, HINT).

I was not able to get to all 2000+ blogs (ha!  good luck with that one), but I made an effort and visited quite a few.  Below are a handful of the blogs I've been enjoying regularly this month.  I hope even though the challenge is over they keep on blogging.  I also hope they all come back next year.

The View from the Olive Grove:  Music and memories.  More, I want more!

BB Creations:  Old movie stars, including some very interesting tidbits about them.  I love the old black and white photos.

The Random Ramblings of an Artist:  Poetry and reflections/truths about life. 

Curling Stones for Lego People:  Trollbead addict.  What are Trollbeads?  Go and find out.

Fiction From Forgotten Fotos:  Stories from old photos that entertain, educate, and often end with a surprising twist.

Stu's Place:   A PhD in medieval history tells little known truths to help writers get it right.

That is Not What I Meant, at All:  Caregiver and beautiful lady.  Thoughtful short posts.

The Writings and Ramblings of a Philadelphian:  Author does an amazing tribute to her grandfather, who passed away in April of 2013.

Beauty & The Books:  Witty, always made me smile and laugh discussing the potential beauty habits of literary characters.

Snap out of it Jean:  Jean's Fictionary - fun made up words and definitions with great drawings.

Inside the DramaA world of possibilities in this home schooled teenage life. 

Nouveau Scarecrow:  Made it to "G".  Well written and insightful.  Finish it up Michael.

to everyone who stopped by! 


  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! You did a great job and I was really happy I found a fellow beader/crafter!!!

  2. I am trying to think of an artist and I can't either but love all the beaded work. I believe I will do it next year and may do it on the same topic as there are just so many:) Thank you for highlighting me here...I will be blogging but more often on my Cards and the Insecure Writers group:) even though I am not a writer-Love your blog!!

  3. Z ~ loving the colors!
    I took a coffee break with some of your links. Sometimes I forget there are blogs not about beads. Thanks for the reminder ;-)

  4. wow--you mentioned me. How did you know I had FINALLY STOPPED CRYING AND managed to gain control of myself but need to cry some more??? You are really someone remarkable and special and a truly cool bead artist! I loved getting to know you better during this and admire you greatly for the creative way you remained true to your love of beading as you beaded your way through the alphabet. I "see" what you have made worked up as a part of an incredible coat, gracing the pages of Belle Armoire Altered Couture, or a book by Lark. Seriously. You did a great thing no one has done before in this challenge! love, jean xox thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Hello

    I wanted to pop by to say I really enjoyed your series and I have you on permanent follow so I'll be back once I've had some Zzzz's - got the shock of my life to find you've given me a shout out!

    Congrats on your theme it was brilliant! Looking forward to catching up at a more leisurely pace now.

    Mars xx
    Curling Stones for Lego People

  6. There is a randomness in life that leads us in all sorts of directions and I truly have no idea why I stopped by at your blog, but I'm glad I did (even if you are going back to your beading ways now). I'm also going to look at some those blogs you've enjoyed. It's a big wide world out there, let's enjoy it.

  7. Zuniga? Very popular in Santa Fe. But enough about me :*) Loved the arabesques of Y and the op-art whimzy of Z. Congrats on finishing! More later.

  8. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I'm glad we "met" and look forward to reading your regular posts. Your bead work for T was also my favorite letter that you did.

  9. what an awesome alphabet you created! and looks like you'll be able to make fun words you'd like to emphasize with them =)
    great job finishing the challenge!

  10. Anders Zorn, Sweden's favorite painter ... evidently :*) 20 years have treated me well. I am good. Not to much to tell, or, way to much to tell that is entirely artless and beadless. It is great fun to see what you are up to after, lo, these many years, that you are flourishing and well. I have half a deck of Arcimboldo post cards around here somewhere (maybe my daughter has ferreted them away) -- the other half I apologize for. All the best.

    1. OMG you showed me that Arcimboldo post card! I can see that art has not left your life, and that is a good thing :p

    2. It's always in the back of my mind, rattling around with the other nuts and bolts. Once in a great while I do something in paper for fun, and I help the kids out with their things. I took them to the Getty Center in Dec (missed you by ~6 months), and I played Docent for a Day. Showed them some of the things I had worked on. About half were there, the other half I guess is up at the Malibu site. We thought our son would rampage through the place, but he really liked it, especially the architecture -- as he is a MindCraft fanatic. My daughter was so enamored, she said she wanted to be buried there. She is currently in ceramics and bringing home some really cool stuff. My wife is a scientist through and through, so she relies on me to beat the art into the kids :*) Been in NM for 20 years, and moved back out to Santa Barbara environs this past summer -- the bucolic and intellectual wasteland known as Buellton. I take solace at the beach. What road bike should I buy? -- seems the Valley here is a biking haven ... there is some race or tour every weekend year around. NM was great for cycling (scenery) but only for half the year, and only when the roads and drivers were not trying to kill you... I only have a mountain bike left as a result.

    3. The Getty is amazing. I wish I would have known what you worked on, it would have made my visit even more interesting. LACMA has a show coming up, Expressionism in Germany and France, I bet it will be good. I'm so glad your daughter likes to play with mud!!! I dumped my mt bike for a hybrid. I ride on too much gravel for a road bike. Here you can only ride part of the year as well, so its a lot of starting over. Now that you are in the land of perpetual sunshine pump up those tires :D Do you really want to join the spandex crowd? Lol. Never did anything but drive right past Buelleton. The Santa Ynez Valley is lovely.

    4. Some Sevres-Vincennes vases
      An early Qing Dynasty Ewer (I put the thing together and carved the mostly missing spout :*) and a coupla other lesser pieces.
      What was not on display that I really wanted to show the kids was this thing Called "soft" paste -- but nearly as hard as porcelain -- made us very nervous as it was worth jillions even back then. The little leaves were missing :*) Funny thing is I live just a few miles from both founders of Bradywicks. The irony :*) LACMA bought the Robert Moore Korean Ceramic (11c-15c kinda period) collection. He was one of our biggest clients. Worked on a lot of those. Some of our favorite things. Way cool!! Expressionism sounds like a good show! Franz Marc made some great prints -- I like them more than his paintings, though I like his paintings. I'd like to see LACMA's Kuba textile collection again. Will have to marshall the kids again and go down... Maybe I will just ride in my cotton shorts :*) The thought of spending a bunch of extra money on gear pierces my Scottish heart. I just have one pair of shoes :*)

  11. With every letter of the Alphabet beaded, I'd say you have set yourself up for 'Headers' and more with the Beaded Blocks...example 'THANKS'. Each one is are you. I must say your posts and Bead Art has been the the most creative I have seen in this AtoZ Challenge. So glad to have met you...I plan to continue following and enjoying your Art. It has been inspiring and I'm going to get back to some BEAD work of my own.

    Thanks so much for the 'Shout Out' for my theme 'fiction from forgotten fotos'. I am pleased and honored.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  12. truly wonderful series - enjoyed it all! and heard of some new (to me!) artists - thank you for that. I love to learn. When you got to Z, I thought of first names. The one I would pick is Zaria Forman, but because I love the ocean and moody weather. I hope your catch up with an old friend is fantastic. Always fun for me!

    1. I'm glad you mentioned Zaria Forman, as I had never heard of her. Hyperrealism kind of messes with my mind. I think maybe I over-analyze things, but I see it as a push back on technology. Yes, the camera can do that, but so what. When photography first came on the scene think of the identity crisis for painters. The storm series is my favorite. I am fascinated by the wildness and raw energy that we cannot control. Great Z. And now on to the Connemara marble.


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