Monday, December 1, 2014

Mandala Monday IV

Monday after a holiday weekend can be a bit rough.  Getting back into the swing of things feels awkward.  I balk a bit at the harness of routine.  I am thankful for having the break.  I need to remember I am also thankful for having a job that I am glad to go back to.

I really enjoyed making this piece.  Maybe because of the super sparkly blue goldstone in the middle, which reminded me of the infinite nature of the universe.  This one definitely was bead therapy, it makes me feel peaceful.  It grew to over 5 inches in diameter.

Black-Nosed Buddha

    A nun who was searching for enlightenment made a statue of Buddha and covered it with gold leaf.  Wherever she went she carried this golden Buddha with her.
    Years passed and, still carrying her Buddha, the nun came to live in a small temple in a country where there were many Buddhas, each one with its own particular shrine.
    The nun wished to burn incense before her golden Buddha.  Not liking the idea of the perfume straying to the others, she devised a funnel through which the smoke would ascent only to her statue.  This blackened the nose of the golden Buddha, making it especially ugly.

From Zen Flesh, Zen Bones.  A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings.  Complied by Paul Reps.


  1. That is FABULOUS! Do you draw out your design before you stitch or just wing it as you go? Is this for sale by any chance?

    1. Hi JoJo!
      I usually draw circles of differing diameters (using the same center) and mark equidistant points around the perimeter. I have tried to draw out designs, at best I partially stick to them. I think I like winging it. Honestly I've not thought about selling anything. I feel fortunate my day job can support my art. When my mandala madness subsides I'll be able to think about finding new homes for a few of them :-) Thanks for always giving me such encouraging comments. The blogging life is a sweet one because of people like you.

  2. This is a striking mandela. I love the leaves and a nice finish of silver on the edges. The Black Nosed Buddha has a great ending and makes one think. The selfishness of the nun and wanting to cherish only hers. So much can be read into this. Love it

  3. Love this one Liz ... especially that little sway in the enter flower leaves. I can see why you find this one calming! and loved the story about the Buddha

  4. That nun is completely my grandmother...and not the one who's stash I always dip into while beading.
    As for the mandala ~ it is the opposite of the nun/grandmother ~ it is beautiful and calming and that little shock of red is a wonderful touch. This piece has a gently breeze/lapping wave movement to it. It is very soothing.

  5. Another sensational piece.
    I am loving it.


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