Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter Blues

UPDATE 2/24/2015.  I will no longer be sending goldstones out, as we are a little bit more than a month from the reveal.  Keep checking back, I may host another blog hop soon!

I've got the winter blues.  I also have an excess of blue goldstone donuts.  Blue goldstone is a synthetic stone made of glass and tiny crystals of copper, dark midnight blue in color with a deep-space mysterious sparkle.  To break-up the cold gray days of winter, and spread the joy I feel gazing into their twinkling expanse, I thought I'd have a little blog hop. I want people to use these man-made beauties to summon creativity and rise up against winter's oppression.  For those interested, please leave a comment below (with a way for me to reach you).  You will be sent some blue goldstone donuts, completely free!  Your mission is to make something (anything) using at least one of the beads you are sent.  Post your creation on your blog March 28, 2015.  I'm hoping for around a dozen folks, but am flexible.  Having never actually done this before I'm just tossing it out to see what happens.  I'm limited to shipping inside the United States (sorry creative people not in the US). 


  1. I am certainly in! This has such a strong van Gogh pull for me.
    We were on the lake one night this Fall and the night was so clear, the reflection of the stars on the water made it look like the stars were rising up from the bottom of the lake. It was magic. And it was a warmer time :-)

  2. Hi Liz,
    Please count me in!!
    I am so looking forward to your blog hop!!
    I am excited, I love blue goldstone.
    Thank you for the invitation.

  3. oooh! your're right Christine .... starry night! I'm in Liz :D

  4. OK I'd like to join in the fun too please! Email me at and I'll send you my address!

  5. Blue and sparkly? You're talking my language...I'd love to play along!

  6. I'd love to be included too if there is still room! Here is my email: these are super pretty and I can already think of a few ideas on how to play with this blue goldstone!

  7. I'm coming back to see what you all make... I LOVE Blue Goldstone <3

    Curling Stones for Lego People

  8. Ooooh-blue-I am thinking about my cards and rarely use beads but I can give it a try. You can e-mail me and we can go from there

  9. Beautiful Blue Goldstone! I have never worked with the Blue Goldstone before, thank you for bringing your challenge to my attention, it is going to be fun.

  10. I would love to create something amazing. I could use some goldstone love. Thanks for the challenge.

  11. I would love to create something amazing. I could use some goldstone love. Thanks for the challenge.

    1. Hi Fred,
      Thanks for your interest. I'll reply to your comment in an email.
      Best Wishes!


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