Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blue Goldstone REVEAL


Today is the day we get to see what eight hardy creative souls made with at least one blue goldstone bead.  I'm excited! 

I opted for the large donut.  It sparkled sufficiently to catch my interest and then sat on my beading table for about 2 months.  Although nothing creative seems to be working for me lately, I did have fun with this project. 

Giant red brittle star.
I had a starfish / brittle star image in my mind.  I thought it turned out kind of interesting, even though mine seems to have a 6th arm.

I actually quite like the shadow it casts.

The arms are a single row of right angle weave with size 15 seed beads on one side and size 8 and 6 seed beads on the other side.  The difference in bead size made the arms twirl.

Hops are a joy to me, they motivate me and push me to do odd things (which I love).    Thank you beautiful ladies for agreeing to participate :-)

Here is the list of amazing creations:

JasvantiJewelry by Jasvant
CynthiaAntiquity Travelers    
Bobbie:  Beadsong Jewelry

Happy Beading!


  1. Hi LizE,
    I love your star fish, you really know how to think out of the box! The colors pop and sparkle. Thank you for hosting this challenge it was fun creating with the gold stone doughnuts.

  2. WOW! That's super creative! Great job!!!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!! That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!! I love this piece, and I love the spiral arms.

  4. I SO agree, Liz. Hops challenge us to look for new approaches and different paths, and I'm so happy you went down this one. Your starfish has me smiling...and thinking of new possibilities!

  5. The places you have been taking your beadwork lately are just so exciting and unique and edgy and Beautiful!!! There is so much texture and flow to those arms. And the way you attached it to the frame (and the shadow it cast!) is so cool! I hope you have all your art proudly on display in your home (or have sold some!). It needs to be seen. You seem to have found a good niche for yourself and your mind went to yet another brilliant place with this donut. Fabulous, edgy, interesting, intriguing ~ just like its little red source of inspiration :-)

  6. Oh and THANK YOU for the donuts and the rounds and for hosting this hop :-) And do I see "O" beads in there?

  7. I am speechless. This is so friken cool. I am with Christine that your bead work has gone is some seriously amazing places ... this is no exception! that you created a star fish and created the natural twisted and turns of their arms ... LOVE this. Having grown up in the PNW and often hunting the tidepools along the shore and to find one to pick up ... it reflects what nature provides. or to set it back down in the pool and watch it slide off to the side ... you've perfectly captured that - especially in that shadow!!! this has a breath of salty air from my childhood. This is nothing short of awesomeness

  8. How cool is this! I thought you might do a mandala, since that's a direction you've been exploring. This echoes the mandala feel with the radiating spokes, but I love the airy feeling that the starfish's arms have. The technique to make them twist is great. The piece is gorgeous to look at from the front, but the fact that this is also interesting from the back and in shadow? Outstanding! (And thanks again for letting me play along!)

  9. I can totally see your inspiration... and yours is fabulous! Love the sparkle, the shape.. the color! Magnificent!

  10. This is so great! I wish I could have participated but I am still feeling woozy. I am going to look at the rest now

  11. Wow, that is the most unusual use of the goldstone! I like the way you've made the 'arms' twist like the suckers on the starfish. I've had fun visiting the blogs involved in your hop. I hope I've visited them all and not left anyone out! Really enjoyed seeing your work :-)

  12. Thank you Liz for hosting this blog hop and also for giving us the beautiful beads to play with. I used all of the beads you sent. They are so shiny.
    Your starfish is so beautiful. I really love your mandalas.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with next.


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