Saturday, April 11, 2015

Butterflies Birthday Blog Hop Reveal

Alenka from Pepita Handmade In Solvenia decided to have a birthday blog hop featuring butterflies.  How could anyone resist?   Happy late birthday Alenka :-)

I started out by making a beaded butterfly.  

This didn't completely satisfy me, so I decided to make it presentable so it could be hung on the wall.  I strung some sparkly green seed beads in a random pattern and hung the butterfly.  It can go either vertically or horizontally.

Recently I have been all about shadows.  I think I'm just glad to see them, because that means the sun is out!

As a child in California we had milkweed bushes on the side of our driveway.  I used to love to look through the bushes to find monarch butterfly caterpillars.

Monarch caterpillar and butterfly from Wikimedia Commons
Later as an adult I would go visit the overwintering monarch butterflies that were in a eucalyptus grove down the street.  There were huge clusters with thousands of butterflies.  On sunny days the air would be full of beautiful orange and black butterflies.

Thank you Alenka for giving me the opportunity to reminisce about a wonderful time from my childhood.

Here is the participant list.  I can't wait to see what everyone made!

1. Alenka (Pepita) - hostess -->
6. Christine Altmiller -->
15. Liz E -->         (you are here)


  1. This butterfly is fantastic!!! I adore your embroidery, and I love how you mounted this. The shadow is amazing.

  2. You are so talented. Amazing work. How did you attach the green strands to the frame? And get it nice and taught?

  3. Hi Liz,
    I love your butterfly alone and on the shadow box so very pretty. Monarch butterflies have always been my favorite butterflies.

  4. Oh thank you for the memory! I remember looking for the caterpillars too! and we would make Monarch butterflies in school with thin tissue paper wings - I kept mine for a long time. I just love your butterfly and I really, really love how you've been turning your beading in to art! This is wonderful! and yes, bring on the sun and the shadows!

  5. You've done it again. And each time you do, the voice in my head screams for MORE. Your framed beadwork just begs for another and another. Your butterfly alone (nice blue goldstones!) is gorgeous and has a wonderful, slightly edgy look in its pattern and colors. But then you upped it with the frame and the greens...and the shadow. The shadow is that extra artistic element in your recent work. I don't think I can ever get enough of your sculptures. What a lovely memory you have of the caterpillars and the butterfly clusters. If you are fortunate enough to see that, then I bet it sticks with you forever.

  6. What an amazing little treasure, Liz! And how appropriate that it be framed as the work of art it truly is :)

  7. Very unique design -beautiful beadwork and awesome design.

  8. Love your butterfly! It does look great against the green mesh of beads!

  9. What a great idea to put your gorgeous butterfly in a frame and bead a web for it to rest on! Well done!

  10. Great beading and see those pretty sparkly stones:) I love that you framed it. Monarchs are so pretty and I love the cocoon colour-turquoise with some gold dots

  11. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much to have joined me in this blog hop!
    What a beautiful framed butterfly!! You were right, the frame and the web added the extra that makes it outstanding!

  12. Liz, I love your beaded butterfly. Great design and excelent use of colour.

  13. I love the different ways /angles to look at this ♥beautiful butterfly with it's great shadow effect!

  14. I love your piece, and I see you used some of the blue goldstone, it is funny that we both love butterflies.
    I love the shadowbox, your work is amazing.

  15. What a beautiful piece of art you have made and framing it like that was a work of genius. Much bead embroidery leaves me cold but your's is wonderful. Great design and use of bright colours.


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