Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Elements

Toletc Jewels/Jewel School Friends is hosting a wonderful blog hop called Summer Elements.  It was her beautiful post that made me let out a big longing-for-summer-sigh in late April and sign up.  Our task was to share what we love about an element of summer.  My element is shells.  Growing up in southern California every summer meant beach time.  The smell of the ocean, the pounding of the waves and of course the best part seashore scavenging.  Shells inspire that same hoarding instinct in me that beads do.  I just want them.  

I rummaged through my stash of shells and found the one.  This shell had endured, it was amazing.  Those relentless waves tumbled it, wearing away a lot of the outer shell to reveal the inside beautiful labyrinth.  Shell poetry.  Absolute proof that things do get better with age and wear!  

Of course the photo shoot needed a helper

My main thing is bead embroidery.  When I stitch those tiny lumps of colored glass down time flies by and I'm in my zone of contentment.  I used a piece of abalone and some mother of pearl, my celebration of summer.  I think I got a little carried away with the colors. 

A gigantic thank you to Toletc Jewels/Jewel School Friends for her time and effort.  I'll be on vacation when this posts, so I probably won't get to check out all the summer goodies for a few more days.  I hope everyone has fun hopping around, here is the list of participants:

Toltec Jewels (Hostess)
Christie (Charis Designs)
Andrea Glick-Zenith
Liz      <------- you are here


  1. I was so focused on the necklace, I didn't even see the cat, lol. The bead embroidery is just stunning. I do miss Torrance Beach and PCH.

  2. As usual, beautiful work, I love that you are making some jewelry

  3. The necklace is gorgeous and you are right that shell is absolutely beautiful.. Things do get better with age and time...So I guess that shell is proof there is hope for me yet.. lol Have a great vacation and enjoy your summer :)

  4. I love your diving photo! What a hoot! Happy summer!

  5. Beautiful work Liz! & beautiful "helper" too! :) What will you do with the patch of seed beading w/ abalone and pearls? That is gorgeous work!

  6. Fantastic work, so beautiful and what a great representation of summer. And of course James Bond isn't so bad either :)

  7. Who wouldn't want a ton of pearls with HIM diving for them, but your shell necklace is a gorgeous replacement. Great post.

  8. Wow, that bead-embroidered piece is amazing, love the rainbow of colours you used!

  9. Great pieces, Liz. I really love the bead embroidery piece -the colors are amazing.

  10. I love your beautiful work, the bead embroidery colours are 'dream colours'... Abalone is one of my favourite gemmies. What a lovely combination!

  11. Great post!!! love the necklace, the shell is amazing!!! The bead embroidery is just phenomenal!!! I don't think you got carried away with the colors, I do think you did a Wonderful job!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  12. WOW! I love your "helper" for the photo shoot. Of course, I just adore kitties! ;) I have a black kitty, too!

    The necklace is gorgeous, and the bead embroidery just made me go "WOW!".


  13. Wowie! GORGEOUS bead embroidery! I love your tale of shells and the beautiful, enduring shell you chose for your necklace. Perfectly modelled by cheeky cat. Don't like to be left out do they!?! Enjoy your hols.

  14. LOL..that gorgeous diver(Bond, James Bond) is a fabulous way to start summer and celebrate! Wow, what an incredible post, Liz!

    Your words are beautiful: "This shell had endured, it was amazing. Those relentless waves tumbled it, wearing away a lot of the outer shell to reveal the inside beautiful labyrinth. Shell poetry. " And as beautiful as your words, is your jewelry. Your work is powerful and sophisticated.

    Your shell necklace, with coral and lava and a super cool black cat, is natural beauty at its finest! I love the peyote bail and black, red, and cream colorway. Totally summer and earthy and sexy! I could wear it with so many styles: the chic colors & cool materials would make me look very together.

    Your abalone and mother of pearl bead embroidery is pure art! Oh it is gorgeous! The colors are dreamy, not at all overdone! Your work is magical, and the ease of colors flowing into each other is almost like an ombre -- exquisite, sophisticated, breath-taking! The piece takes me to a paradise, a promise of wishes fulfilled.

    The place of contentment you go to while bead embroidering comes through in your jewelry art; we too feel the bliss! As Robin said, it is PHENOMENAL!

    Will you frame it? Will it be on a bag? Or is the scale smaller, and it will be jewelry, Liz? Exciting!

    I'm so delighted and honored to celebrate summer with you! Gracias, gracias!


  15. Wow this is an interesting piece. Oh and the shells are so pretty I like that you picked a very "different" one for the necklace. Great tribute and what a lovely little helper you have.

  16. All I can said is fantastic work, the embroidery is just gorgeous. I love so much the seashell necklace and thanks for the helper Mr Cat. Enjoy your summer.

  17. Great work, I like that the shells are proof that things get better with age and wear...!
    Loved your little helper as well.
    So cute :-)


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