Friday, March 31, 2017

SB Art Association

I find I get more enthusiastic about making pieces when I have something to work towards.  It could be a blog hop, a gift, or an art show - it doesn't matter, I just need a purpose.  Therefore, I decided to submit three pieces for the Santa Barbara Art Association's (SBAA) most recent jurying for membership.

The main reason I like the SBAA is because they display their shows in a large public space in the same building as the public library.  I am a tremendous fan of public libraries, and also for making art accessible to everyone.  A lot of people who might not otherwise have the time or interest to go to art museums/galleries have easy access to the SBAA shows. 

The process required three pieces.  One of them I already showed pictures of on this blog, but for purposes of a complete story I will show it again.

Largest piece.  Outside frame dimension 15.25 x 13.5 inches.

This one was previously posted.  Outside frame dimension 12.75 x 9.5 inches.

Runt of the litter size wise.  Outside frame dimension 8.5 x 6.5 inches
These are all bead weaving combined with bead embroidery. 

So what happened?

When I went to pick my work up I received a blue card.  That's the reject card.  I was told I could get feedback from the judges (anonymously of course).  This is what they said:
  • The first judge said no because they thought what I did was craft and not art. 
  • The second judge said no because they didn't like the presentation of my work.  They didn't like the frames.
  • The third judge was a yes. 
The rules are if two judges vote yes you are accepted.  The next open juring is in September.  I'm not going to decide yet if I'll try again .  Maybe I will, maybe I won't. 


  1. First of all- all craft is an art. I'm pretty sure. Frame can be an important part of presentation- how can we like it or not? And I'm sure you'll start again:)))

  2. I flat out disagree with the first two judges. I feel a rant coming on so it is time to just talk about the positive here ~ The starfish is such a strong piece with its color and textures and those pink ceramic shells so unexpectedly popping all over the place. I am completely drawn to the red/orange back of the biggest piece and to the yellow/orange middle part. Again, you do texture so freakin' well! But, true to my nature, I am completely smitten with the runt of the litter ~ volcanic in nature and the blackness launches the red/orange/yellow sky-high! What an awesome work of art!!!

  3. seriously? not art? I can't count the number of pieces I've seen that had all kinds of texture on a canvas, or how about one exhibit I saw at the Guggenheim that were large stones laid out on the floor in circles. Seriously. I completely disagree with these judges! and they don't like frames? WTF what a ridiculous reason


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