Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Celtic festival

I visited two Celtic festivals this summer.  Sunshine, bagpipes and men in kilts, does it get any better?

Usually not one for watching athletic competitions, I enjoyed the Highland Games sports including Putting the Stone, Weight for Height, and of course the Caber Toss.

Where else can you dress up to look like 
William Wallace for the day?

And bring your best sword.

Not to mention the music is great.

If you ever have a Highland Games/Celtic festival near you, 
it's definitely worth the time.


  1. Wow~this brought me back to a long forgotten day when I went to one in the Rockies. I think it was in Estes Park. I didn't want to go, but did so begrudgingly and enjoyed every moment of it. So much to see. And I do like a man in a kilt, so I was lovin' that aspect of it :-) Looks like you had a great time this summer~nice photos!

  2. The long, flowing hair with a beard and a kilt--that a lot of look!


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