Sunday, August 18, 2013


Nothing better than getting beads in the mail, unless of course you are getting FREE beads in the mail.  I left a note on the ZnetShows Partner Picks Summer Challenge and Giveaway, and somehow I scored.  Yeay!  This is what I was sent:

I love them all, but especially the sea glass and the crystals. 
Both the blue and green crystals were a lovely assortment of colors.  Those sparkly beauties don't photograph well, but this
gives you an idea.

First I made a necklace.  Hard to photograph the entire necklace
so here it is in 2 pieces. 
The chain:

The focal:
Beach glass & cute fish were from ZNet
Then came a bracelet

Its full of super sparkly crystals from the ZNet stash.
I really liked these starfish, but how to use them?
Well, clip off the loop and turn them upside down

There are more beads, therefore more things to make, but I will stop here for now.  I am working on another starfish pendant for the pearl blog hop in September, so check back if you are interested in how that came out.
Thank you to ZNet for all the glorious beads!


  1. These are fantastic pieces! I really like the style of the bracelet and the little beach finds in it. And turning the starfish over gives it a completely different look~what a great idea!
    You ZNetters are such a creative group!

  2. I don't think I could pick a favorite of your designs. They're all so cool. I really like the way you did the chain on the first necklace. And the combination of colors in the bracelet is dreamy. AND, your out-of-the-box thinking for that last piece is just fabulous!! Free beads are the best, aren't they!?

  3. Very cool designs - love your bead weaving skills!

  4. That is cool the way you wove the strands together for the bracelet--kind of like freeform peyote.


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