Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lowry

Week 3 of the A to Z April Challenge, here we go.

I have a friend who is not particularly into art, he happens to be from England.  One day we were talking about art/painting, and he showed me the below image.  He said "this is how I feel".  That was my introduction to LS Lowry.

Man Lying on a Wall, 1957

Laurence Stephen Lowry is a British painter who lived from 1887-1976.  He is known for his paintings of industrial landscapes in England.  He has been dubbed the maker of "match-stick men".  His paintings often recorded the inner life of British industrialism.  He worked full-time his entire life and painted at night after work.  

Going to Work, 1943


  1. His painting certainly conveys the feeling of being there in that moment.
    Cool "L"...after looking at these two pieces of Lowry's and looking at your L again, it looks like the tip of Lowry's cigarette...the burning embers.

  2. Yes! What a great post for me to visit on! I love Lowry, when I was a child I was obsessed with his interpretation of the world around him. He lived in Middlesbrough, which is where my husband comes from, so I got to see all the places he painted. You chose a couple of lovely pieces :)
    Happy A-Z'ing.

  3. I like the feeling in his painting - you can catch his mood somehow

  4. I'd never heard of him but I like these 2 pictures, esp. the top one.


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