Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Walter Crane

Starting to wrap it up.  A day of rest (Sunday), three more letters, and then it's done.  This month has really flown by.

Walter Crane, an English artist and illustrator, lived from 1845-1915.  He produced decorative art as well as illustrations for children's books and nursery rhymes.  He was an active socialist.  He believed in the importance of art, culture and craftsmanship, striving to make art part of everyday life.  He also designed stained glass, pottery, ceramic tiles and even wallpaper.  He was influential in the Art Nouveau movement.

Neptune's Horses, 1893

Britomart, 1900

Signs of Spring

Summer, 1895

Ceramic tiles.  Flora's Train.  Pilkington Tile & Pottery Co, 1900-01

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  1. I LOVE these! i've never heard of Walter Crane before. I am going to have to share Neptune's Horses on facebook with my horse-loving friends who all live near the water too.

  2. OK I have seen Neptune's horse's before and always loved it but now I have the name-Thank you-Love his work and the tiles-OOOH to have these somewhere in my home

  3. Oh and BTW-I love your "W" it looks like it is in the water-love it!

  4. I am really enjoying your series! and that first painting - wow do I love it! so interesting and inventive!

  5. OMGosh...Art Nouvea...a very favorite and now a new to me Nouveauist to study and seek out his work. Thank-you. Neptune's horse's was so far ahead of it's time. The TILES...incredible. Your Beaded 'W'...wonderful.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  6. These are beautiful! I've loved stopping by, I've learned a lot from you this month.

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts! :)

  7. Beautiful work! I love this kind of painting, always have.

  8. I love looking at your blog. You do amazing work and choose excellent pictures.


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