Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xuan

Qian Xuan is a Chinese painter that lived from 1235-1305.  He happened to live at a time when the Mongol founded Yuan Dynasty took over the southern regions of China (1276), and this had a profound influence on his work.  Opportunities for artists at court were restricted and some artists choose to withdraw into seclusion.  Qian Xyan was one of the first artists to go in this direction.  He choose to have his artistic style reflect the qualities of ancient paintings, perhaps as a political commentary. 


  1. Another fascinating post. Echoing a comment you left on my blog, it makes me feel a little sad that the month is nearly over. Can I persuade you to not just write about beading? I do like the pictures, but I suspect beading is not my "thing". Tough luck, I hear you say! (I'll still keep following, though).

    1. Hi Mark,

      I have bead-madness. I've been told by experts there is no known cure. If there was a cure would I take it? Never! A-Z has gotten me out of my beading circle temporarily. Not sure I have much to say that isn't bead related, but I promise I will try. If all else fails, and life allows it, lets meet up again next year for another A-Z marathon :-)

      I'm still laughing at myself for believing Stonehenge has security guards dressed as druids. Keep it up!


  2. Wow-first love your X bead!! 2nd-amazing how modern, almost, this painter is when one places the painting done in Europe beside this man. Great use of colours

  3. I love the colours too. Very nice artist find!

  4. I am also sad the month is almost over. I've learned a lot about art and love looking at your bead designs.


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