Monday, December 14, 2015

Little Free Libraries

I have become interested in Little Free Libraries.  If you haven't heard of them, there is a website that explains it, where you can actually buy little libraries to put up:

This is the first one I found, and it's still one of my favorites. 

I found close to a dozen Little Free Libraries within a 10 mile radius of my house.  Some were bough off the website, and some built by the owners. 

I always enjoyed ones that had quotes or slogans about reading.

Two even provided a nice place to sit.

I think this little phone booth came from the website. 

This last one was made by the owner from thrift store materials.  When I was taking my picture she came out and we talked about it.  It was hard to photograph with so much glass, but it really is lovely.

Everyone who I spoke with about the Little Free Libraries loved them.  They seem to provide a neighborhood with a sense of community.  I read quite a lot of books, and usually give them away after I'm done.  Maybe it's time I build my own Little Free Library.


  1. I've seen these popping up all over Bourne in the last year. There's one in the park by the railroad bridge near my house. Unfortunately my first thought was, 'I wonder how long this will last before it's vandalized and all the books stolen'. Isn't it sad that I thought that? But that's the kind of world we live in. We can't have nice things.

  2. What a fantastic idea! we live in an area with no sidewalks, so it would be hard to have this idea work. So we typically donate our books to the local library where they will find lots of use!

  3. The Little Libraries you stumbled on are adorable! You must get giddy each time you see one! We have been on the Little Lending Library site several times, trying to figure out how we could do one. Lanie and I are determined to find a way. We live on a tiny 4 house street and have no car or foot or bike traffic. And all our friends live in new developments with all sorts of restrictions. We are hanging on to our books, waiting for the moment we figure it out. We have a few more ideas to explore. There is one 15 min from here that is a full size red phone booth. Too cool! You should definitely do one!!!

  4. A Little Library popped up in my neighborhood on my route to the train -- can't wait to check it out!

  5. We have one two blocks away (SF). What a fun idea! It sounds as though you have found yourself a fantastic place.

  6. I love this idea, were we live(Orange County), there is too many restrictions, and there are so many public libraries, loving everything british, the red phone booth is my favorite.

  7. I love seeing these little free libraries!! I haven't stopped at one yet, but I think they are a great idea for pedestrian walkways, and they are so charming!


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