Monday, May 1, 2017

UFO Hop #2

I ran across this small piece of spiral rope in one of my bead boxes.  Poor little thing never even made it into the UFO box.  I think I considered it more of a "sample" than a UFO.  It dates back to June 2014 and the blog hop A Time To Stitch (ATTS) 5 hosted by Christine and Therese.  I liked it, I did.  But, a mere three inches in and I experienced rope burnout. 

Not wanting to take it apart I decided to turn it into a hair barrette, my latest beading obsession.  I don't make much jewelry, so when I feel an urge to adorn myself with beads I might as well use hair barrettes.  My standard hairdo is, after all, a ponytail. 

I might as well go ahead and show a few of the other barrettes I've made in the last couple of weeks. Some of them are simple, and others get a little wild.

This next one is my favorite.  I dug into my stash of 10+ year old Delicas (lined dark blue cut, no idea if they even make this color anymore).  These beads shimmer like water at sunset -- blue, silver and pink.

I feel a little guilty I didn't do more on the UFO front.  But I guess sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else made out.  Here is the blog list:

Karen Williams, Baublicious
Francie Broadie,  FAB
Christine Van Dyke Altmiller, One Kiss Creations
Kim Dworak, CianciBlue
Liz Hart, Treetop Life
Amy Severino, Amy Beads
Cynthia Machata, Antiquity Travelers
Hope Smitherman, Crafty Hope
Christi Carter, Sweetpea Path
Bobbie Rafferty, Beadsong Jewelry
Margo Lynn Hablutzel, My World and It's Full of Books


  1. I think you did an awesome job with your UFO! Your term, "rope burnout" gave me a giggle too. Turning that piece of rope into a barrette was genius, especially if that's more your style right now. And, all your current designs are pretty neat. That second to last one with the firey colors is an eye-catcher for sure. Great job with this challenge!

  2. What a great idea for using a shorter piece of beadwork! Makes me wish my hair was long enough to wear some of these great looking barrettes. And even if you only completed one UFO, you've obviously been quite busy in the bead room, creating all of these lovelies - that last one is a stunner!

  3. Your barrettes are GORGEOUS! I've had a hard time finding french clips that have a ridged bar that will hold my hair in place. The smooth ones slide down all the time no matter how much hair I've stuffed into it.

  4. I love the barrette! I also wear ponytails quite often and use "hair jewelry" when possible.

  5. hair jewelry is becoming very popular lately! Gorgeous barrettes and very useful!!!

  6. What a clever way to use that l spiral rope! And I love all your other beaded hair barrettes!

  7. What a clever idea for the little piece of beaded rope! It looks like you made is specifically for that purpose. I have to agree completely with Hope's comments above. Thanks so much for sharing your other hair ornaments too - they just made it through the unfinished object stage quickly and without a hitch! :)

    If I find myself making a hair ornament anywhere in the near future, I'll know who to blame, er credit, for the idea.

    Thanks for joining in again!

  8. wow those are so cool! and very inventive - I never thought to make a barrette. That last one is stunning and I bet it looks amazing when you wear it!

  9. Very nice, and way to repurpose a piece that wasn't entertaining you. Sometimes it's hard to let go of the old vision and move on to a new one. All of your barrettes are lovely. I often get asked if I make them, and my answer is usually no, just because, for the amount of time they would take, I don't think people would be willing to spend the money, but I might have to reconsider...

  10. OMG Liz who knew that the little sample rope could grow into a beautiful hair ornament. I love all of the barrettes that you made, but the last one is my favorite too.

  11. Oh, I've been hoping to see your barrettes! I looked at each photo, enlarged, before reading the text. I was too excited to do it in a calm, orderly way. I had a couple thoughts before I read what you wrote. The first was "I wish I had hair!" and the second was "That last barrette is sensational ~ the color so perfect and the fringe so FULL!!!" Then when I finally read it, I smiled knowing not only is it your favorite, but it is reminiscent of sunset. Is there any better vision than the water in sunlight or fading sunlight? They are all beautiful and wearable and hopefully you will keep making more! That spiral ATTS/UFO Hope is wonderful! Did I see carnelian rounds and matte hematite rounds, among other beads?

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