Saturday, October 21, 2017


I found a bag of mother of pearl buttons at a thrift store recently.  I hit the creative jackpot.  I love buttons.  Best $4 I've spent in a long time.  When I started sifting through them at home, this mandala insisted on being born.  I thought about covering all the holes, but I've decided I like leaving many of them open.  No need for disguises.  It's okay for a button to be a button. 

But, now I feel like the center button needs a little something . . . 

Maybe a second button layered on the top?  I came up with a couple of choices:

Which one is better, A or B?

I have one more button piece in progress.  It has 92 buttons!


  1. Mother of pearl buttons are so elegant and precious I suppose and they look fabulous in many projects.They mix very well with most colours and components. I prefer A pattern / I'm so crazy on carved buttons/
    I'll never use all buttons I collected - I love Czech cristall buttons with their colours and glitter !

  2. I go with A all the way because of the cuts in the smaller button seems to catch light differently. This is a great way to use buttons and I really love the work..inspiring!

  3. A! A!! A!!! This mandala is gorgeous, exciting, and calm on the eye with its limited colors. What a mind you have ~ your embroidery always thrills me to no end. I am eager to see the 92 button piece! What I find with buttons is people can easily identify them and open their mind and eye to art made with buttons. The commonness of the button makes it easier for them to see and understand the react (usually positively) to the art. Yay ~ You are Here!
    Oh, and good score with the buttons!

  4. I love button A! You did a beautiful job!

  5. wow what a piece! you have such an eye for patterns, it just amazes me! I think A is the way to go!


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