Thursday, April 12, 2018

Embracing Abstraction

It was a worthwhile effort, but the SB Art Association wasn't interested in admitting me.  This time was worse than the last time.  During round one (back in March of 2017), I at least got one "yes" vote.  This time, all three judges said no.  Two of the judges indicated what I did was craft  and not art.  Yep, back to that again.  The third judge commented my work did not 'draw her in'.  Time to close the chapter on this adventure.  It has become obvious I do not belong there.    

My experience makes me wonder where I do belong.  A few months ago, I found myself wandering through a show put on by the Abstract Art Collective.  While it wasn't immediately obvious to me, a seed was planted that has slowly started to sprout and grow.  I'm now committed to submitting my stuff for their live jury day.  These are two new pieces I plan to submit.

The third piece will be one I already had, finished a few months ago.   
I think it's a good fit with my general organic abstract theme.

One thing the Abstract Art Collective does, that I absolutely love, is an 
annual fundraiser for SEE International, an organization that provides sight restoring 
cataract surgery.  This is exactly the kind of thing I want to do with my art.

The live jury date is April 15.  Luckily I already got my taxes done.  
They notify prospective members by email, so I have no idea what the timeline is.  
Regardless of what happens, I'm still going to be pushing, testing the waters, 
and figuring out where things should go from here.


  1. Good luck and I hope you get in! I just cannot stand snobby judges like the ones you encountered. You don't want to be in a pretentious show like that anywhere.

  2. Craft???? Are you serious????? Your work is ART!!!! Let's see how many "Crafters" can do what you do with beads!!!

  3. What Robbie Said!!!
    But we have already talked about this with each other, so I will move on. The Abstract Art Collective sounds like a perfect fit and I am crossing my needles that they believe you have a place with them! An Art Community that gives the gift of sight...what a wonderful group! Needles crossed! Needles crossed! The first photo reminds me of something on a microscope slide ~ the textures, curves, colors are all brilliant!!! You have quite a creative and vibrant mind. And that second one, I cannot stop looking at ~ rain, water, man-o-war tentacles ~ just incredible and made even better by the unknown about what it looks like beyond the frame...what was cut off. Mysterious and just so perfect!

  4. 3 times YES!!! I keep my needles and fingers crossed!!!

  5. Wow, seriously? not art? When I think craft I think sprinkles and pipe cleaners .... SO not what you have going on here. This is art, with movement and meaning. Done by skilled hands. Don't let that get you down! I absolutely love that second one with the man-o-war tentacles


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