Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Pottery/ceramics was my main form of artistic expression for a number of years.  I recently scanned some old slides and converted them to digital images.  I thought as a break from the bead work I would show a few of my old pieces.  They are all raku, which is a fun technique where you pull the piece out of a glowing hot kiln and place it into a metal trashcan that contains something combustible (like torn paper and pine needles).  The thicker the smoke, the blacker the unglazed parts become.   I have a series of high fire (cone 10) plates I may put on here later.


  1. So THAT'S how Raku is done! It sounds fun!

    Do you make ceramic beads? I love those....

    1. I love ceramic beads too! I've never made any, but who knows . . . another project for the future :-)

  2. I love your ceramics pieces. Very nice Liz

  3. Your ceramic work is beautiful! I really like the crackled black and white look. Gorgeous.

    -- Sarah

  4. These pieces are just beautiful! Liz, you amaze me.


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