Saturday, March 11, 2017


Welcome to the UFO blog hop!  

Karen at Baublicious has organized a Facebook group, as well as a blog hop, focused on completing at least one unfinished object (UFO).  I signed up in mid-January, and in the interest of honesty will report I didn't actually stitch a bead down until three days ago.

I've had this UFO for a couple of years.  I love the cabochon, and had a box I was going to glue the finished piece to.  But, for some reason, it remained frozen as you see it for at least two years.  Rummaging through my box of UFO's about a month ago I realized the problem was the oval shape I cut the foundation out of.  

Then, along came some love.  Marcia DeCoster started a new blog called Bead Love.  In her inaugural post, she elucidated the mission:

"I felt some of the joy slipping away from me this year as I watched world events and I wanted to find a way to put as much love into the universe as I could"

I am a firm believer in love.  When I saw the post from Feb 21, "Amor" by Anne Hesse I knew what had to be done.

Whew, one down!  I think it would be fun to make a few more hearts, and put them together to form a big piece.  Maybe this one is next.

Congratulations to everyone who brought a UFO into the light of day.  It's not always an easy thing to do.  Here is the list of the brave and hardy souls I'm anxious to read about everyone's journey.

Karen Williams, Baublicious
Christine Van Dyke Altmiller, One Kiss Creations
Amy Severino, Amy Beads
Therese, Therese's Treasures
Kim Dworak, CianciBlue
Liz E, Bead Contagion
Margo Lynn Hablutzel, My World and It's Full of Books
Cynthia Machata, Antiquity Travelers
Cathi Salzarulo Kent, The Cat's Meow

Liz Kenyon Hart, Treetop Life
Francie Broadie, FAB Custom Jewelry 


  1. Liz!!! This is a stunning heart!!! I absolutely love how you reworked your original idea. And thank you for the reference to the Bead Love blog by Marcia, sounds like something I would definitely like to check out!

  2. OH!!!! your heart is gorgeous! I love the contrast between your bright sun and the deep blues and greens. It is like a sparkle over an ocean. LOVE this. You are so right that it is not that easy to pull out a UFO and begin again to try and finish it. Congratulations on completing this beautiful one

  3. Beautiful Liz! I have a weakness for green stones and your redo of your original project was the best idea. I love, love, love the heart.

  4. Wow! Three days - isn't it amazing what a deadline can do? (I felt like I was in much the same boat).

    The transformation from the oval background to the heart is amazing. Even just with the interfacing, it made a difference. I love the colors you chose to finish the piece - they really made your cabachon pop, while still coordinating beautfully with the stone itself. Beautiful!

    Thanks for joining in!


  5. What a great redirection of your original piece. Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go of our preconceived notions of what something should be. The heart turned out spectacularly. I think a necklace full of hearts would be a winner.

    And that rainbow mandala is a delight. Right up my color alley. Can't wait to see what you do with that. It's so much fun to do bead embroidery. But I will be the first to admit that it is less fun doing all the finishing.


  6. The heart is always a good choice, especially working with the sword on the neck!!

  7. I love the way you finished up the heart! I've been trying bead embroidery recently, but I'm not doing very well at it. Yours are beautiful!

  8. That heart is so beautiful. I am amazed!

  9. wow! That heart piece is absolutely beautiful! I love the rainbow circle too

  10. I crawled out of bed today. Seven days is long enough. I need to join the living, even if it kills me. And here is what I woke up the impossible once again. I hate hearts. I can't tell you why because I don't know. But I dismiss them when I see them. And here, yours, I absolutely fell for it ~ it is like I have never seen one before...or that I am seeing one for the first time. The curves, lines, vibrancy, quietness, that center button ~ you made an elegant, soulful, lovely heart. I can't wait to see the next one!!! And I mean it too!

  11. Wow! I really adore how you took the initial UFO, cut away what wasn't done, and transformed it into something completely different. It's all about perspective isn't it? Your heart is really lovely. I love the pop of yellow paired with the other colors. Congrats on finishing that object!


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