Saturday, November 4, 2017

More Buttons


This piece contains a bonanza of buttons.  90+ buttons, actually.  I guess I don't suffer from koumpounophobia, which is a fear of buttons.  According to Wikipedia, a famous sufferer of koumpounophobia was Steve Jobs.

A few years ago I would not had the nerve to use so many buttons in a single piece.  I would have felt it was a waste of precious buttons.  But, I have given myself permission to use things I've hoarded.  While collecting is fun, using the stash is even better! 


I re-purposed an old clock for the frame, which made me realize (yet again) that I don't like to put my work behind glass.  I probably will end up removing the glass, but I'll live with it a while to see if it grows on me.

I think I'm done with buttons (for now).  I am grateful they brought me back into a productive artistic space.  Fall and winter are wonderful seasons to be creative.


  1. Love the way you used them! I am inspired!

  2. so interesting surface and colours!

  3. amazing! I love the flow of this piece and the stitch up over the buttons looks a bit like the straps on flip flops! How fascinating about Steve Jobs ... who knew there was a button phobia?

  4. Hence the tutlenecks? I wonder if his waist bands were elastic. Interesting fact.
    But onto You and your clear embracing of buttons!!!
    THIS. IS. INCREDIBLE!!!!! It actually makes this viewer feel swept up in the wave. And hear the sound of the wave mixed with the sound of shells tumbling. And the TEXTURE ~ No One does texture like you!!! No one. The non-button part is just as strong as the button part. Every angle, every bead, every button, every lacing is right in its perfect place. Take off the glass and let it be touched ~ this needs to be felt as well as seen. I am in awe. Truly.

  5. What a gorgeous creation! Reminds me of sea waves!

  6. It's gorgeous! I can understand not wanting it behind glass. You just don't get all it's texture closed in like that. It needs to breathe. I had no idea Steve Jobs was afraid of buttons. . .curious. And, I've also got to get over my "fear" of using my hoarded supplies. That's why I have them! Good luck as you attempt to conquer that feat.


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